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DNA KITWhat is Y-STR Marker Testing?
All DNA tests allow you to identify your ethnic and geographic origins, both recent and far distant on your male descending line.
Y-STR 43 Marker Test:

Tests the Y chromosome for genetic matches between males. A perfect match of 37 markers means that two individuals matching shared a common ancestor in recent times. The customer receives a certificate and report generally describing Y-DNA sequencing and the meaning of probability between matches.
The tests will verify a common male ancestor between the tested parties. It may also give information on how many generations back this ancestor may have excised.
We may at a later stage do MtDNA Testing which assesses the DNA passed down on your maternal line through mitochondria within your cells. MtDNA testing does not provide as much information as Y-STR marker analysis and is much more useful in determining haplogroups or geographical ancestry.
To partake in this project which is being untaken by DNA Cork, Ireland

Please contact Bertie O'Connor Kerry, Ballyduff, Co. Kerry or Mary O'Connor
Mobile: 087-2220734.

Cost of project is 250 euro, no administration fees charged by us.


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